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If you have a bank account then you should have this app! The only thing it is missing is the search function. I use this app every day!

Nice app!!

Nice features and well designed.I now depend on it for managing all the financial transactions.Its great, works perfectly for me!

Its good!!

I have been using the traditional paper check register for years. And now I dont need it at all. With this app, I can find almost everything that I need. Great!

Keeps me in line

Since Ive started using this app Ive not had to face the embarrassment of being overdrawn. Its easy to use and intuitive.


Great app, but it would be nice to be able to sync between iPhone and iPad.

No more excel

Im a big fan of monitoring and trending my expenses seems like now with this app all the labour is gone and I can evaluate my expenses at the touch of a button.

Great app!

Replaced my check register and love having it on my phone. Just wish the recurring transactions could be entered when you want them to come out not the whole months at once. Unless of course I set it up wrong!

Great little app.

I use it to keep track mostly when traveling and then export to Quicken. It took a few minutes to figure out the exporting but it works very well.

Check book

This really helps to not overspend. Thanks works great.


I use it on my iPad and iPhone and keeps me up to date on my finances


One of the first apps to be downloaded on my iPad and by far my most favorite one--- so easy to use and super organized it keeps me with my finances.

Nice app

Keeps me in touch with my money . Which in turn keeps my wallet thick


Excellent program. Easy to use. Everything i was looking for in an accounting program

Great App

Im really happy with this App. It does almost everything that I need it to do. There are just a couple of things that I would like to see changed. These changes would make this app even more helpful. 1) I would like to be able to see a running balance, not just the balance at the end of the transactions. 2) Can this app be made to sync to the cloud? I am afraid that if I were to depend on this app to keep track of everything and my ipad were lost or the information were somehow deleted, then I would have no backup. 3) Every once in a while, an account will go out by .01 cent for no reason. This is very random, but it is annoying when it happens. Maybe you could look at making these changes in the future. Thanks.

Quite good

I use it for a quick status on my bank and it works. Easy to use .

Great App

Finally something that helps me keep track of all my accounts. Just wish they would let you create your own personal category for spending. Love the reports so I can see where my money is going. Thank you

No more expensive software...

I used to buy $70 software to manage my personal finances. Now I have basically the same options -instantaneously and for a small fraction of the price.

To many bugs

Be nice if you could print monthly category totals Transfer doesnt work recurring transactions really messed up

Love it!

Does what I need it to do!

Simple, effective

Very easy to view and use. Entering transfers takes a little while to figure out, & I wish the notes field was a bit bigger. But its a great app to replace a paper checkbook. Love it!

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